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One on one, in-depth, individualized health assessments - just for you

One-on-one health assessments.

Most people have never been given an hour or more to discuss all the facets of their health.  A doctor's visit is typically 5-15 minutes and can only address one need at a time.

At Be Fierce we are all about taking our time to get to know you.  To put together the puzzle pieces and look for the connections between your health and what else is going on in your life.  

Treatments can include holistic nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, herbal medicine, and supplementation.

Come with or without a diagnosis.  Be prepared to talk.  

Individual appointments, packages, and meal plan programs are available.  For more info and services click here


Meal plans are a favourite tool of mine - they are the daily practice of moving your body into a healthier state. Check out my new 90 day, online meal plan program Taste Success, or book a 2 week, whole foods reset (including 2 appointments)

High quality, effective herbal medicine and supplements are sometimes recommended.  Costs of these vary but will always be discussed with you.

Nutrition Tours:

One-on-one or group nutrition/supermarket tours      FREE!*

*Located at Choices Markets Kelowna

Book online at https://www.choicesmarkets.com/nutrition-tours-choices-markets/


Diagnostic Testing:

IgG Food Sensitivity Test - Tests up to 200 different foods for an immune reaction.

Candida - Tests your body for an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans

Intestinal Permeability - "Leaky gut" can be both a cause and a result of inflammation in the gut.  This common condition can lead to a host of issues including allergies, food intolerances, skin conditions, and mood disorders.

Hormone Testing - Salivary tests available for adrenal/stress profiles, male and female hormones (eg: estrogen)

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