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60% Is More Than Enough

March 5, 2018

I had a hard time getting into yoga.


My mom has been doing yoga here and there for as long as I can remember (she was also about 30 years ahead of this new trend called "Plogging", or, as I remember it - picking up trash when we went to the park- mortifying to a 7 year old).


My youngest sister is a yoga teacher, and I have tried many, many different yoga classes over the last 15 years or so- just waiting for the one class or teacher that would turn me into a devotee.


A few years ago, determined to try again, I set out to look for a class.  I was convinced that an Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow class was just what the doctor ordered.  Something aerobic and high-powered to strengthen and lengthen, as they say. 


Then a friend of mine convinced me to come with her to this new yoga studio in Dunedin, which specialized in Yin yoga (which I had never heard of).  


Not really knowing what to expect, I went along.  The studio was beautiful, you were encouraged to be silent in the changing room.  The room was warm and dimly lit with candles.


The class started, the music OM-ed in the background and the instructor guided us into Child's Pose.


And then she said it:


"There is no need to push yourself. 60% is more than enough"


And I wept.


Seriously, tears just started streaming silently down my face.


No one, ever, had told me that 60% was more than enough.  In a world of "give it your all" and "push it to the limit", where 110% seemed like the only acceptable effort level, to be given permission to just give it 60% was possibly the best gift I had ever received.  


I was recently reminded of this beautiful idea while at a day retreat during my NZ holiday (spoiled right!?!).   Again during a yoga session the instructor gave us permission to take it easy.


And so I just wanted to say to you - you are doing a damn great job.  At life. At work. At eating healthy. At moving your body regularly. At parenting. At being a human.


And to give you permission or to invite you to just give it 60%.  To let you know that not everything needs 100 or even 80% of your effort.  


That 60% is more than enough.


Keep up the great work.


I'm off to go sit in Child's Pose. 


Much love,



PS - Want help with the healthy eating part of things from someone who only expects or wants you to give it 60%?  Check out Taste Success, my fabulous, whole foods meal plan program. Chock full of recipes, tips, and compassion. xoxo


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