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Because feeling great shouldn't mean living in a world without cheese

Wine and cheese with your girlfriends shouldn’t have to be whine about cheese.


And here, it won’t.


I’ll help you feel better without giving up the foods you love.


I am a qualified nutritionist and medical herbalist and I offer one-on-one health assessments and individualised treatments to get your health back on track.
Meal plans are another favourite tool of mine, and great if you don't live near me! (We can still be buds despite the distance).
Because it's hard to live up to your full awesomeness when you feel awful.

Did you know that a change of diet -- one that still works in your favorite foods -- will do more than just knock out cravings and help with weight loss, but can also clear and improve things like:


  • Digestive health issues- including IBS, food intolerances, and any kind of general discomfort

  • Hormone issues- including PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, and fertility issues

  • Thyroid/Adrenal/Endocrine issues- low or high thyroid function, including Hashimoto's, adrenal "burnout". Type II Diabetes or pre-diabetes

  • Mood, Stress, and Fatigue- problems sleeping, low mood or depression (even if on meds), anxiety, stress

  • Weight Loss/Management- I ONLY do weight loss with a balanced, whole foods approach. Mixed in with lots of conversations about your self-worth, no matter what the scale says.  14-90 day programs available now!

  • Immune issues- acute colds/flus, chronic or recurring illness, autoimmune conditions, allergies, hayfever, sinus problems

  • Skin problems- Eczema, acne, psoriasis


Still not sure?


Give me a call, flick me an email or message me on Facebook.  

I am very happy to have a quick (free) chat and let you know if I think I can help.


Let's work together.