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Tasty, healthy meal plans that you'll actually WANT to eat!




90 days. Fully supported. Warm fuzzies included, deprivation is not. Learn more.

Would you like to know the answer to the question "Hey what's for dinner tonight?" without snarkily replying "I don't know, what are you making?"

Save yourself some anguish with my brand spanking new 90 day online meal plan program Taste Success.  

This rad program (which includes just a little bit of cheese, of course) is designed to help you create super healthy habits that you can keep up, like, for good.  

It is a program so tasty and so nutritionally complete that you can wave "Buh Bye" to cravings.


Because it's not about eating less. It's about eating right.

This bad boy has been running for over 5 years, and I have personally worked with many clients to help them reach their goals.

Because did I mention that it gets results?

The folks that I worked with had better energy.  They slept better.  Their hormones sorted themselves out.  And they lost weight, in a healthy, and sustainable way. 


And most importantly, they created habits that they could keep up, and learned how to listen to their bodies.  No more deprivation, or counting calories.  Just real food, nourishing you in all the ways that it does.


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So, what is included, you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

This fully supported online program runs for 90 days - but you have access to it FOREVER. 

There is now also a 14 day program called Taste Success Kickstart - designed to give you a little taste and *kickstart* you into some great new eating habits. 

You will receive weekly shopping lists and meal plans which are fully laid out - 3 full meals and 2 snacks daily (if you want them).  There is tons of variety so you never get bored.

You will receive the beautiful Taste Success recipe book, with over 80 recipes.

You will receive a Program Guide, which will help you troubleshoot any issues that you may have.

You will also get weekly emails from moi, outlining different aspects of your health - mind and body (because really, we all know what we're supposed to eat - it's all a mental game). 

AND, perhaps most importantly, you will have access to a well-qualified and experienced practitioner who you will check in with every 2 weeks to help answer any questions and keep you on track. 

(That person is me - in case you didn't guess!).

The support is really the most crucial aspect of the program. 

Because I can't tell you how many programs I've signed up for and just never done.  But when you've got progress reports that you need to fill out and send in? 

Sh*t changes.  You are accountable to someone else.  You have access to a real human, who really cares about your success. (Still talking about me here).

So if you feel like it is high time that you invested in yourself, then go to www.tastesuccess.ca now and sign up for this program.  

You'll be so glad that you did. 

Want a taste?

Sign up and get some sweet POTLUCK -WORTHY RECIPES