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  • Emily Boese, BNatMed

All the Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas. And sometimes I'm not sure why. I grew up with a pretty complicated, extended family, and we did not and do not always get along. Christmas can create crazy pressure to have this storybook-like moment, and I would bet that for many (most?) of us, this is not how it plays out. Christmas this year is going to be especially hard for me, as I lost my dad in March. I think it's important to talk about this, because despite my usually cheery demeanor, this has been a bloody hard year for me. The hardest, I would even say.

So rather than talk about how to stay healthy during the holidays - which is still a worthwhile topic - I thought I'd talk about the idea that whether or not you have a "Happy Holiday", that's ok. I am still right beside you. One of the concepts which just keeps popping up around me the last couple years is this idea that things can be "both/and" rather than "either/or". We can be both grateful for what we have and feel loss at what we don't.

We can be both looking forward to and dreading something. In my work, I feel that we can both support ourselves with good food and natural medicine, and then use the GP and medication or surgery when it feels like the right thing to do. No judgement. Both. And. So am I going to have a hard Christmas? Yup. Am I going to cry, possibly a lot? Almost definitely. But, will I also have moments of joy, of feeling so grateful, of laughter? Absolutely. I have long felt that the purpose of life is to experience all the things. All the ups and downs. All the light and all the dark. All the love and all the sorrow. And as disgusting and hard as some of those things are, I don't think I'd have it any other way. So I just want to send you all the love and compassion that I can, and rather than wish you just a Happy Holiday, I wish you a holiday that has enough space for all the things. I wish you a holiday filled with being gentle with yourself. I wish you a holiday with both. And. With so much love and gratitude to you for walking alongside me. Happy (or not) Holidays. Much love, Em

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