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  • Emily Boese

What to eat for breakfast when Donald Trump is President of the United States of America

I've been keeping relatively quiet over here for the last week or so, not wanting to add too much to the social media barrage that has been the recent US election.

Part of me doesn't want to admit that this one person has so much power- not just over his own country, but over the morale of the whole world.

However, if you believe in collective consciousness, even a teensy bit, I think it is evident that many of us are feeling a bit heavy, a bit nervous, a bit sad. And we may have lost a bit of our appetite.

So what can I possibly contribute to this massive conversation about politics, equality or not; about a large group of people who have obviously felt so un-heard and un-represented that they voted for he-who-shall-not-be-named? (I stole that idea from my friend Tamara- thank you!).

Well, I can tell you what to eat for breakfast, that's what.

Because if there was ever a time that we needed to start our day off right, it's right now. If we are going to get up every day and not give up on humanity, we're gonna need some goddamn nourishment!

If we are going to spend our days loving each other even more, feeling even more compassion for each other (as I believe that is the only remedy here), then we had better have some fuel for that.

So here's my recommendation.

Porridge for Compassion- Breakfast for a Trump Presidency


1/2 cup rolled or steel cut oats- oats contain compounds which are calming and help to lift your mood

2 tbsp chia seeds- contain anti-inflammatory omega-3s. If there was ever a time to reduce inflammation (in our bodies, in the media, in our news feed), it is now

1 egg- we gonna need extra protein to fuel all the extra compassion. Have compassion for the chickens, too, and make sure your egg is free range and ideally organic.

1 banana- full of potassium which helps keep our heart rate regular so we can withstand the media onslaught without our blood pressure going through the roof

1/4 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)- they are tasty

1 tsp cinnamon- if you already feeling a bit shakey you don't need low blood sugar making that any worse. Cinnamon helps to keep blood sugar levels stable

1/4 tsp ground ginger- Improves circulation to keep your blood from going cold when you see old what's-his-name on TV

Almond or coconut milk or Organic cream- because porridge needs some extra liquid, of course.


This is like a melange of overnight-oats and eggy-oats with other bits added, but eaten warm. Because I think we can all use a little extra warmth right now.

Soak your oats and chia seeds overnight in water. Use the pot you are going to heat them in in the morning. If using frozen blueberries then chuck them in as well to let them thaw.

In the morning, add a bit more liquid and turn the heat on to medium. *Note* if you are using steel cut oats the cooking will take longer and require more liquid.

Bring it to the boil and crack an egg into the porridge. Stir rapidly with a fork or whisk to mix the egg in. Turn the heat down to low.

Keep stirring regularly. Mash up the banana and add it and the spices into the mix. Cook for a couple more minutes until you are convinced that the egg is cooked through. You honestly won't even know it's there.

Top with almond or coconut milk, or some delicious organic cream. Take 3 deep breaths. Turn off the news and social media.

Eat in silence and be grateful for the small pleasures.

Love yourself deeply, and send any overflow out into the world. Every bit helps :)